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Arrogance, Impatience, and Pride

Have you ever thought about all your problems and decided what should be done to solve them.  So we ask God to help us solve our problems but we also seem to think we know how to solve them and what we need to happen so we expect God to do whatever it is we want.

Really!  And when things don’t happen like we expect, we think God is not helping us and He has not lived up to His Word and our expectations.

Talk about sinning, big time!!!!!!!!!!

Those who think that God is going against His Word when we want something our way and don’t get it, it is the height of arrogance, lack of patience, pride, and a few other issues.  When we think this way, we are essentially saying we are smarter than God, we think we can tell God how to solve our problems as if we know better than God.  Do you think you are smarter than God?  If you do, I would hope that God over looks our total stupidity and He helps us anyway.

One of the reasons we want to tell God how to fix our problems is that we want the easiest fix for us.  We want the easy way out and we think God is here to do stuff at our convenience.

Good luck on judgment day!


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